Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome, and first post!

Appaloli is short for Appalachian Lolita - It’s based in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. Appaloli wants to bring homemade crafts to everyone, of any style!  Soft yarn crochet bows decorated with rhinestones and cupcakes and anything cute you can think of!
Appaloli is making its debut at Kirakiracon in Charlotte, NC (March 3&4)!  Appaloli makes crocheted, decorated bows that would look good with Lolita or Fairy Kei, and maybe even Mori?  I have some ideas for future products, including little pink crochet ninjas, slice-of-cake purses, and random deco things (depending on how good I get!)

I’ll post some examples soon, and will be wearing some bows at Ichibancon in Charlotte, NC (Jan 5-8)!  Also check out the Appaloli tumblr!

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